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Misdiagnosis of Gall Bladder Cancer and the Law

Misdiagnosis of Gall Bladder Cancer and the Law

Gall bladder cancer is form of cancer that affects the tissues of the gall bladder. The gall bladder is an organ that is somewhat small in sized, shaped like a pear, and found just under the liver on the right side of the abdominal cavity. The function of the gall bladder is to store bile and digestive fluids that are produced by the liver.

The incidence rate of gall bladder cancer is low, making it a fairly rare type of cancer. If the disease is diagnosed in the earliest stages, the chances of having a successful recovery are very good. That being said, the majority of cases of gall bladder cancer are not found early, and later stages of the disease make recovery chances quite poor.

The main reason that gall bladder cancer is often not diagnosed until it is in the later stages is because there are very few warning signs or early symptoms. What’s more, the location of the gall bladder makes it difficult to view, which can mean cancer can be growing on it for a long time without being seen.

As mentioned above, gall bladder cancer is fairly rare, and usually affects people who are over seventy years of age. The disease affects women more so than men, which could be due to the fact that women tend to live longer than men. Misdiagnoses of gall bladder cancer are often because the disease is so rare, and because most technicians and other medical personnel do not spot it in a timely manner. There are a number of risk factors associated with gall bladder cancer such as: inflammation, gall stones, a family history of the disease, polyps, obesity, smoking, abnormal bile ducts, and porcelain gall bladder.

Unfortunately, there are few definitive symptoms of gall bladder cancer in the earliest form. That being said, there are times that a surgeon may notice particular abnormalities and order more tests when removing gall stones. For the most part, however, gall bladder cancer is only found in the later stages when symptoms do start to appear. These symptoms can include: sudden pain that can come and go on the right side of the abdominal area, a general not well feeling, or a high fever. This form of cancer can also cause bile ducts to become blocked leading to the digestive system from the gall bladder, which can cause the body to reabsorb bile which can result in a number of secondary symptoms such as jaundice. Because these symptoms can also be associated with conditions that are far less serious, such as gall stones, it is not uncommon to misdiagnose gall bladder cancer entirely. This fact, when combined with the problem of elderly patients not seeking prompt medical attention can lead to complications that can be life threatening.

In the event that medical attention is sought, but tests are not ordered, not properly analyzed, or symptoms have just been dismissed as a more minor condition until the cancer has spread, medical negligence may have occurred. When this happens, it is in your, and your family’s, best interest to contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in cases of medical negligence and malpractice.

Personal injury attorneys who work in this field are extremely familiar with all of the ins and outs that surround these types of cases, and will work hard to ensure your claim is handled properly. While they cannot undo the harm that has been done, they can help you to recover damages in an attempt to rebuild part of your life.

Since medical negligence and malpractice cases can be quite complex in nature, and because the laws that surround these types of cases can vary a great deal from state to state, it is not recommended that you attempt to file on your own. Missing just one detail, one filing deadline, or any other mishap can completely ruin your chances of seeking the damages you are entitled to receive.

Most personal injury attorneys take medical negligence and malpractice cases on a contingency basis, which means you do not have to pay anything upfront. This can be a tremendous comfort because you can rest assured that your claim is being handled in a professional manner without the added worry of how to fund it as it progresses through the court system. This means that you have nothing to lose, but a great deal to gain.

Medical negligence claims are extremely serious and, especially when relating to gall bladder cancer misdiagnoses, can be completely devastating. It is important that you understand that you do have legal rights, and that you should take the steps necessary to enforce those rights. You can seek compensation for your pain and suffering, your past, present, and future medical bills, and even loss of income from having to quit your job. Not only will you be insuring your future, you will also be taking action to help prevent similar cases from happening in the future to other innocent parties. No one should have to endure this type of treatment, and far too often medical professionals are let off the hook with no blemish applied to their record so other patients have no idea of their mistakes.

Medical professionals, like many other professionals are expected to provide a particular duty of care. Those in the medical community even take an oath when becoming licensed. They vow to “do no harm” in any instance. By providing care that is lacking, or by not spending the time needed to make a proper diagnosis or follow up properly, harm is done, and in many cases, this harm cannot be undone. This breach of duty should not have happened, and it cannot and should not be ignored. It should also not be allowed to go unpunished. You should not delay in contacting a personal injury attorney to help you with your case. These professionals will not rest until those responsible are brought to justice and you receive everything you are entitled to.