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Why Facing Drug Charges Requires A Good Attorney

Why Facing Drug Charges Requires A Good Attorney

When you are arrested for the possession or the illegal sale of drugs, it is a good idea to seek the representation of a talented drug charge attorney in your case. Some drug crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, and the potential sentencing can be very serious. When you have someone skilled protecting your rights you ensure that you will achieve the best possible outcome in your particular case.

The law specifies which drugs are illegal to possess, and also to sell. It is this body of laws that allows the state and federal governments to prosecute a person that has been charged with an act considered to be criminal in nature. The sentences imposed by those who commit drug crimes is what keeps justice, social order and peace in the country

The War On Drugs has proven ineffective however, and in many viewpoints it is also considered an epidemic. Jails and prisons are overpopulated and crowded, primarily due to the extensive amount of drug convictions that take place every year.

Despite what a lawyer must feel in regard to an accused perpetrator, they must remove personal feelings and be prepared to defend the person to the best of their ability. This rarely comes into play concerning drug cases, as most criminal defense attorneys feel passionately that the drug laws are unfair and unjust.

Considering that defendants are often incarcerated for years if not decades, and often subjected to a seizure of their assets, it makes sense that someone who believes in protecting Constitutional rights would object to these laws and this form of sentencing. A good criminal defense attorney will take great measures to ensure that the judge and/or jury is made aware of the rights of their client.

In drug cases, a big portion of the prosecution’s case against the defendant will be the evidence, which is effectively the drugs. It is proven that drug arrests are often illegal in nature, and regularly don’t take the defendant’s rights into consideration. Illegal search of a person can in turn make any evidence collected inadmissible in court, and a good lawyer will always look for this opportunity to capitalize on.

Without adequate evidence against the defendant, the charges can be dropped. Sometimes, the defense team is not this lucky however. When the evidence is solid, it all comes down to effective litigation on behalf of the client. There are other ways to disprove the state or federal government’s case against the defendant, and a good drug charge attorney will exhaust every possibility.