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Workplace Injuries – Cement Burns

Workplace Injuries – Cement Burns

There have been many recorded incidents of injury to workers on construction sites. Construction workers are put at risk of injury every day due to their heavy use of heavy machinery, power tools, and hazardous materials. Employees who specialize in pouring cement, may be at risk of injury including machinery accidents, incidents on the job-site, or cement burns.

Many people are aware that injuries in the workplace can seriously affect the morale, productivity, and environment on the job-site. It is important for employers to provide adequate training for all employees and provide a safe working environment for all employees. When it comes to construction sites, job hazards should be prominently posted and safety equipment should be available to everyone as soon as they set foot on the site.

Commonly reported construction injuries that involve the mixing and pouring of cement include:

* Cement burns from the chemicals in cement mixing

* Cement mixer injuries

* Trip and fall injuries

* Accidents involving the cement trucks and transportation of materials

Although many people are aware that cement must be mixed and poured before it hardens, many are unaware that wet concrete can cause serious burns to the skin. When cement is mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs and if the mixture touches the skin, serious burns can occur, causing intense pain and damage to the body.

Cement burns often cause discoloration of the worker’s skin, often turning the affected area a blue or purple hue. The burns often become worse over time, so it is essential that employees who come in contact with wet cement have the injury addressed immediately by a medical professional. Severe blistering is also very common at the site of the burn and can cause serious pain and discomfort for a long time after the incident.

If a worker suffers injury on a construction site, he or she may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits from his or her employer. Worker’s compensation exists to provide financial support for medical bills, pain, and suffering. Work-related accidents may require the employee to miss significant work-time and may require assistance for time-missed for recovery.

If you have been injured in a work-related injury, you may want to consider consulting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. If you would like more information regarding construction-site accidents and worker’s compensation, visit the website of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

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