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What To Do When Elderly People Are Neglected

Many of our elderly loved one’s face the problem of neglect while in long-term care facilities. Here is what you need to know when there are signs of abuse while an elderly person is in a nursing home and when you need to contact a nursing home abuse attorney Omaha NE. In reality, the older a person is, chances are likely, that person will be abused.

Evidence of abuse of the elderly many times is overlooked by healthcare professionals. There is minimal training for this issue. Elderly people are probably hesitant to report abuse because of fear of retribution or lack of care. There are many cases of neglect that are not reported. Even though Adult Protective Services are in every state there are many unreported cases of neglect and abuse yearly. Nearly 3.2 million people in the U.S. are living in nursing homes and are under the threat of abuse and neglect.

Millions in America living in nursing homes are abused and neglected and this is a national concern. Federal nursing home regulations state that “ Residents have the right of freedom from any kind of verbal, sexual, physical, or mental abuse. They should be free of any corporal punishment, and seclusions that are involuntary.” Regulations that define nursing home abuse and neglect are as follows:

Abuse: intentional infliction of injury, that causes physical harm, pain or mental anguish
Neglect: failure to provide a person with the care and services that are necessary to ensure their freedom from harm or pain; a failure to respond to a threatening or dangerous situation causing harm or anxiety

Different kinds of abuse and neglect are assault and battery. If pushed, kicked or hit, or if they are being neglected of medical problems, deprived of food and water, or rape or sexual assault are all types of neglect and abuse. Commons signs of abuse and neglect can vary, they may be bed sores, dehydration, emotional or agitated, have an infection, bad falls, being undernourished, unsanitary conditions and unexpected death of the elderly.

There are many nursing home abuse lawyers that have years of experience handling elder abuse lawsuits cases and have the resources required to assist nursing home residents and their families with personal injury cases. While cases can vary, attorneys have reaped momentous awards in nursing home abuse claims. The mission of the nursing home attorneys is not only to recover recompense for nursing home residents who have been abused and neglected but also to discourage similar actions from other nursing homes.

If abuse and/or neglect cannot be proven that the nursing home and its staff have violated resident rights they still may be held liable for any kind of damages. Damages available under a nursing home abuse case may admit medical bills, pain and suffering, and disability. There are states that will allow punitive damages, which are aimed at discouraging other nursing homes and long-term facilities from displaying the same kind of conduct. If abuse is suspect of an elderly person, it’s vital to help them.