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What is a Whistleblower Claim?

What is a Whistleblower Claim?

No good wrong deed should go unpunished. It is amazing how many people actually get away with fraudulent activity and without anyone even trying to stop them. Thank gosh there are some good headed people out there that will take the stand against a wrongful doer. Let me tell you more about this type of whistleblower claim.

So what is a whistleblower? Kind of a funny title for a legal term, huh? This is what a person would be called that comes forth and notifies the law of fraudulent activity at work. After this person has consulted a lawyer about the situation, if they are the first person to come forth they are called the “whistleblower”. Makes sense, right?

It may not be the most comforting position to be in to be the “tattle tale”, but don’t worry. Once the government is involved, and an employee finds fraudulent activity they will go through something called a Qui Tam lawsuit. This pretty much just means that your back is covered by the government. Your employer cannot discriminate against you in any way. Things should not be any different at work from the time of before you blew the whistle to after you blew the whistle.

If your employer is performing inappropriate conduct, then something should be done about it. Don’t let fraudulent activity go unpunished because you think it is out of your hands. You can safely make a difference by informing the law and not have to worry about losing your job because of it.