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Quiz – Are You a Good Personal Injury Client?

Quiz – Are You a Good Personal Injury Client?

You probably thought you were the perfect client. Why should you know differently. However, any good personal injury lawyer knows that not all cases are the same neither are the clients. Some clients will destroy their own cases. Sometimes it is not what they do during or after the car accident, although that is important, but rather who they are. Take this quiz to see if you are the ideal car accident or personal injury client. Most lawyers won’t tell you the following: you may stink as a client. Want to know?

1. Have you ever been arrested?

a) arrested once, for DUI – 3

b) arrested once, for battery as a kid -1

c) never arrested +2

d) BONUS: arrested for selling medications from this accident -5

This question goes to how trust worthy you are. If the jury will not believe you, why would the insurance company pay full dollar. That makes bad business sense to them.

2. Have you ever filed a personal injury lawsuit before?

a) yesterday -3

b) once -1

c) never +2

d) BONUS: never, but could have filed previous claims +3

This question goes to how litigious you are. If you are always filing claims, then the jury will not believe your injuries. They will think you believe the court system is your lottery ticket.

3. Did you have a valid license and insurance?

a) yes – even

b) no – 2

Stinker or winner? More of the same.

4. Did you have previous injuries that are similar to the injuries received in this accident?

a) yes, exact same injury/re-injured -2

b) no, new injury +3

5. Did you seek treatment after the accident or wait?

a) went by ambulance +3

b) went straight to emergency room +2

c) went to emergency room next day +1

d) went to doctor a hand full of days later – even

e) BONUS: friend is a chiropractor -2

f) never sought treatment -5

This question goes to the key fact of whether you were hurt or not. If you went by ambulance, you were hurt. If you never went, don’t expect too big of a personal injury settlement.

8 to 11 Winner

4 to 7 In the Middle

0-3 Stinker

So, how to you think that you added up? Are you a winner or a stinker? Either way, what does it mean? You can be a stinker and still have a great case and get considerable amounts of money. This is more about all things being equal. When things are equal except for these categories the results will change.