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Liver Dysfunction

Liver Dysfunction

The liver is a critical organ in the human body. It serves several important functions and is crucial in supporting health. Some of the most important functions of the liver are filtering blood, storing vitamins and minerals, and producing amino acids. If the reliability of the liver is compromised due to harmful external forces, the wellbeing of the individual may be at risk. Recent studies have shown that the use of some popular denture creams may lead to zinc poisoning, which in turn, leads to liver dysfunction. Zinc poisoning is one of the most dangerous causes of liver dysfunction and can have devastating effects on victims.

Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction

Zinc poisoning may be difficult to identify, but liver dysfunction presents very obvious signs that can be diagnosed and assist in tracing the issue. Some of the symptoms of liver dysfunction include:

Abnormal and inefficient metabolism of fat

Blood sugar problems

Digestive problems

Inability to absorb nutrients

Neurological effects

Hormonal imbalances

Weakened immune system

Skin rashes

Yellowing of the skin or eyes

Liver function is very important to a person’s health. The earlier a dysfunction of this kind is addressed, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. When tracing the source of this ailment, too much zinc in the blood should be considered.

Some popular name brand denture creams have been reported to lead to zinc poisoning for their customers. If you have used a denture cream or related product and have become ill or are exhibiting signs of this condition, seek medical treatment immediately.