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How to Hire a Lemon Laws Attorney?

How to Hire a Lemon Laws Attorney?

Being stuck with a lemon can be quite disastrous depending on the amount of money you spent for the vehicle, if its the only means of transportation that you own and how cooperative the dealer and manufacturer are. Fortunately there are l and state laws to protect consumers in the event of purchasing a defective vehicle. Also, most states have fairly comprehensible lemon law documentation so you don’t always have to approach the lawyer just to find out if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon or if it is simply a minor defect.

However, if you feel that the arbitration attempt in your state ha not been able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can approach the court and this is when you will need an attorney because going up against the seasoned team of litigators who will inevitable show p from the manufacturer side will be akin to a small fish trying to battle a school of Piranhas and there is no exaggeration in this statement Anybody who intends to pursue a lemon law claim against a manufacture or dealer needs to understand that your opponent thinks of you as a nuisance who is distracting them from their goal of selling their vehicle to just about ever consumer in the market. So don’t take it personally if you see the manufacturer’s lawyer fighting neck and tooth to discredit your claim after h makes his living out of doing so.

Al of this simply proves that you need a seasoned attorney who is capable of handling cases related to laws in Louisiana but if you look online, you will fid that the sheer number of lawyer who advertise their services in such matters is baffling and unless you d your homework, you may end up hiring the wrong guy so here is a look at how to choose a lemon law attorney:

The first step, before you go barging into the attorney’s office is to know for sure that you have indeed been sold a lemon. There are several bylaws that can confuse most regular folks; for instance while used cars are covered in some states, the laws in other states on extend to new vehicles. There are also other requirement that have to be fulfilled for your car to qualify under laws such as the number of miles on the vehicle, the number of repair attempts, the problem and how it s affecting the vehicle, the price of the vehicle, the warranty and its terms and conditions etc. So to start with, check the lemon laws in Louisiana and what they cover on the internet. However, if determining this is turning into a hassle, a law attorney will be able to tell you exactly what can be done to resolve your issue.

Visit the bar association of your state; they usually have information have a listing of the lemon law attorney in your state. You could also look for this information online; there are several sites that offer a list of attorneys who can handle specific issues like lemon law litigations.

Meet with at least two to three attorneys before choosing one; your relationship with the attorney is a crucial factor in the outcome of your case. If you have doubts get them clarified. If you feel that the attorney is reluctant to answer your questions including those about previous customers who have won similar cases; you should look for another lawyer. A good law attorney will not only be able to help you if you have a lemon on your hands but also if the car is merely defective. He/she will be able to get the highest settlement from the manufacturer. While approaching a law attorney, you should also know that they do not charge for their services, usually they only take matters that have credibility because according to the lemon laws in Louisiana if the ruling is in your favor the manufacturer has to also pay the attorneys fees.