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How Should One React If Arrested Or Cited For a Crime?

How Should One React If Arrested Or Cited For a Crime?

Unfortunately, someday, if you are arrested or cited for a crime, do not panic. It is always advisable to stay silent in such cases. The law enforcement team or the police will interrogate you only after winning your trust and confidence and making you feel comfortable. But, it is in your own interest to be well aware of your Constitutional rights. Remember that in such a case, you have all the right to call an attorney for legal help and advice.

Following tips and guidelines will help you tackle such kinds of situations in the best possible ways:

1) If You Are Caught Driving on a Suspended License Due to a DUI

If you are caught driving during the suspension period of a DUI Conviction, the fines can range from $1000 to a minimum of 10 days custody. In such a case, get in touch with an attorney immediately. The lawyer can help you by reviewing the case and negotiating a plea bargain, which might lead to lesser fines and shorter time period in custody. However, before contacting an attorney, see if there is a defense and decide whether a motion is available.

2) In case of a DUI Arrest

In case you have to face a DUI arrest, it is best not to refuse any sort of test that is offered. Usually, a breath test is offered as the best defense in such cases. Any sort of hesitation or reluctance shown by you in taking this test might land you in a bigger trouble. Usually, refusal to take any such tests leads to additional penalties from the DMV as well as the court.

3) If You are Stopped for Drug Possession

If you are stopped for drug possession, do not panic and lose your temper in an attempt to defend yourself. Instead, remain silent and be polite. After all you have the Constitutional right not to speak to law enforcement without speaking to your attorney first.

Thus, in any case, it is advisable to consult a lawyer immediately and make use of your rights in the right manner by remaining silent.