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How Does a Dashcam Help Protect You in a Car Accident?

If you’re in a car accident, and you have a dashcam, you have a good record of what took place. That’s a great defense against someone accusing you of causing the accident, and can help you show the police, an attorney, and other interested parties who were actually at fault. If you’ve been injured in the accident and are seeking compensation, for example, your attorney can show the dashcam footage to the other party’s insurance company. That could help you get a faster settlement, especially if the insurance company can clearly see that their driver was the one at fault.

Work With a Trusted Attorney

When you contact the attorneys at a law firm such as Legal Help in Colorado you can get the information you need about whether to pursue a case for compensation. The dashcam footage you have from the accident, or any that was provided by other drivers who were witnesses to it, may be very important in making that case. That’s why you want to show it to your attorneys and let them advise you as to the value of it. It could have the potential to make or break your case.

Provide Your Dashcam Footage to the Right People

You don’t have to show your dashcam footage to everyone, or turn it over to someone who might erase or damage it, but you want to make sure you get it into the hands of people who can use it to help you make a case. Your attorney can analyze it and consider how to use it to help you. Depending on what exactly it shows and whether there are any extenuating circumstances you’re not sure about, some or all of the footage may be sent to your insurance company and the company representing the other driver.

Don’t Settle for the First Settlement Offer You Receive

The other party’s insurance company may make you a settlement offer before you even get in touch with an attorney, but it’s best if you don’t take that offer. It’s typically much lower than the offer an attorney can get you, especially if you have dashcam footage that will show the other driver’s negligence. Before you consider agreeing to any compensation offer you’re given, get in touch with an attorney and let them review the offer and your evidence. You might have a much stronger case than you think.