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Five Traits Of A Good DUI Attorney

Driving under substance influence is outlawed in the United States. Be it alcohol or other hard drugs; the penalty can be quite intense. There is nothing as helpful as a good lawyer when it comes to matters with traffic offenses. Driving when drunk is an offense if not handled with care can result in severe penalties. However, you reduce your chances of being charged and sentenced if you involve the services of a lawman with a specialty in traffic crimes. To get a lawman suiting your prescription, put the following into consideration.

Quick Problem-solving Skills

You want someone who can think on his feet, someone who has solutions at his fingertips. A sluggish lawman will not only lose the case but also waste your money! He must be able to counter obstacles and hurdles presented by the prosecution swiftly and successfully. A lawyer with this skill is not an easy hurdle. He will instead be exhaustive of ideas and read the prosecution upfront.

Possess a Good Reputation

A man is what others say about him; therefore, a reasonable attorney should have a vibrant rapport. Therefore, a high chance of walking free. Be vigilant and ask around and even carry out an online survey to see what his clients think of him. It will save you money and time not to mention jail-time being sure of who you depend on any dui lawyer virginia beach va to represent you.

Has Rich Experience

Experience is the best teacher. If your counselor has been in practice for long, it means he is well versed in the DUI defense. He has what it takes and knows the best ways to meander in your case. The assurance raises your stakes of winning the lawsuit that you are up against and boosts your confidence.


You will be going through a trial. Be it your first time or not, it’s no doubt a difficult time. You need a lawyer who not only defends you in court but also gives you moral support during the entire trial period. Look for someone you can turn into a friend even after the case is over.


Driving under drug or substance influence is termed as bad as doing self-harm, disrupting public peace and causing possible third-party harm either to property or people. With this in mind, your attorney should have enough time to carefully plan and articulate the necessary defense to counter the prosecution. Since in most cases you are guilty of the charge, the lawman you choose should have enough time to have a fair winning argument. A right attorney will be proactive enough to allow you to get the least possible sentence.

To sum it up, when choosing a counselor to represent you in a DUI lawsuit, make sure to select one with a good strategy. He should be a lawyer who has quick problem-solving skills, have a good reputation and vibrant work ethic that allows for people to vouch for him. His experience is a tool necessary for your successful petition in a lawsuit. Let him be supportive and accommodating for you to trust him with ease.