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Fire Prevention Methods

Fire Prevention Methods

When a property owner builds a structure or complex, they need to attend to major safety concerns. In particular, fire safety is an absolute necessity for any structure, as fire damages can cause severe injuries to those caught in the destruction or those who inhale billows of smoke. There are a few simple devices or fire prevention measures that should be taken by a property manager to reduce the chances of a fire causing an injury.

The most obvious and necessary devices for any fire protection plan are fire alarms. These devices should be able to measure when a fire has started and warn any tenets or customers to exit the premises. Many of these alarms offer both sound and visual warnings, flashing lights and a blaring horn to let anyone inside the building know that there is a dangerous situation developing. These warning systems need to be regularly maintained, checking battery-operated alarms on a set schedule.

Often, a commercial or business location will employ a sprinkler system in conjunction with fire alarms. Not only will the alarms go off, but a sprinkler system can work to douse small fires and reduce the chance of the fire spreading quickly. While these fire protection systems may cause significant property damage, especially in an environment with many electronic devices, they can certainly help save lives.

The structure of a building can significantly improve occupant safety. For any roofing installed in a building, fire resistance should be taken into consideration, as roof collapses can cause extremely serious injuries and even lead to fatalities. Additionally, a building should have well-established and marked emergency exits. This can help make evacuation scenarios much more organized and reduce any possibility of trampling injuries.

For more information regarding an injured individual’s rights if they have been caught in a burning building, contact a premises liability attorney.