Are Probate Law Services Worth the Investment?

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Some estates can wrap up fairly quickly with clear instructions and all necessary forms. However, many estates are complicated by small and large issues.

An experienced probate attorney can help heirs avoid unnecessary costs. For example, investment accounts and life insurance with designated beneficiaries can pass funds without going through probate.


If your case goes to court, your probate attorney at Probate Law Services Louisville KY may need to handle various legal issues. These include kinship hearings, contested wills and accountings, relief against fiduciary, and spousal elective share disputes. An experienced attorney will know how to minimize stress and disagreements among family members.

Probate attorneys are also qualified to help you with your estate planning needs, such as creating a Will or Trust. They can help you avoid probate by establishing joint accounts, community property with the right of survivorship, or tenancy by the entirety with your spouse, which transfers assets to the surviving owner without going through probate.

When choosing a probate lawyer, consider their reputation, experience, and fees. Hourly rates can add up quickly, so discuss them in advance. It would help if you also asked the attorney how they estimate the time required for your case. A reasonable probate attorney will be honest and upfront about the costs so you can plan accordingly.


As with any legal service, the case’s specifics will affect how much a probate attorney charges. However, depending on the lawyer’s reputation, you can generally expect to pay a retainer between $3K and $10K.

In addition, various other fees are involved in the probate process that can add up quickly. These include filing fees, a payment for publishing notice to creditors, and more. These costs are typically paid out of the estate, meaning they come directly from the funds beneficiaries will receive.

The complexity of a case will also significantly impact the cost. For example, a contingency fee arrangement might be more cost-effective if there is a dispute over the estate’s distribution or the will’s contents. This arrangement would require a percentage of any monetary settlement awarded by the courts. However, this is only applicable in a minimal number of cases.


The time needed to complete the probate process depends on several factors. Typically, larger estates take longer to close because of the many assets that must be identified, located, appraised, and managed. Additionally, selling real estate can lengthen the timeline, especially during a challenging market. Creditors may also have a specific window of time to file claims against the estate, which must be resolved before distributing assets to beneficiaries.

If there is contested litigation, such as a will contest or breach of fiduciary duty, the case can become even more complicated and lengthy. Most probate litigation attorneys charge hourly fees, and various out-of-pocket costs often accompany them. The only exception is when the goal of an executor or administrator is to get the property back into the estate that was wrongfully taken from it. In those cases, a contingency fee lawyer will almost always be required.


Probate is a court-supervised process that ensures that a deceased person’s estate is distributed according to their wishes. This includes the identification, appraisal, and collection of assets. It also provides an opportunity to minimize opportunities for fraud. Additionally, probate manages debts and taxes. This includes settling tax obligations at the federal and state levels, paying funeral costs, collecting life insurance payouts, and managing retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k).

If someone passes away without a will (known as intestate), probate is more complex. A competent attorney can help ensure that the deceased’s wishes are carried out by working with creditors and providing all taxes and fees are paid.

Hourly fees for New York probate litigation are based on the amount of time that needs to be spent on the case. The more time an attorney spends on a case, the higher the fee. This can make the cost of probate a substantial investment.