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3 Simple Steps to Combat Attorney Burnout

3 Simple Steps to Combat Attorney Burnout

Once you start your practice, it’s easy to make mistakes, lose your concentration, or feel the drudgery of everyday activities. Don’t despair! There’s something you can do about it starting right now!

Develop written goals, both personal and professional, that matter to you: career, family, finance, personal and spiritual. List 3-5 priorities under each goal, and be prepared to follow through. Take time each week to review your goals. Get your practice in sync with what you really want, and say bye-bye to burnout.

Since law practice is brain work, you need time to foster your best creative thinking. If you’ve let things slip to the point where you don’t have productive thinking time then you’re robbing yourself. Figure out when you’re most creative, and actually schedule time on your calendar each day with yourself!

Use practice management software – it’s here to stay, and it’s helpful, so if you’re not taking advantage of technology to control your practice, you’re short-changing yourself and your law practice. Practice management software is designed to organize, simplify and control your practice, so you can focus on the priorities of practicing law. It will streamline your work and get your documents, files, contacts and calendar under control. It’s easier than you think! The best practice management software is simple to use and yet powerful enough to link every aspect of your work. Command your practice in just a few clicks!

When your practice is under control, you will have peace of mind and avoid attorney burnout.