Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

In the United States, people who are accused of serious crimes by law enforcement are arrested. To get out of jail until the date of their next court appearance, they must provide courts of law with valuable assets – usually cash – as a way of incentivizing their return to court. If you’ve never been to jail, just know that you’d be willing to do just about anything just to get out of it. This means you’d also be willing to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars forever in bail fees to get out of jail until your next court date.

Here are a few techniques that you can work to your favor the next time you need to get bonded out of jail.

Having a Local Reputation Can Mean No Bail

As you know, courts require accused criminals to pledge their assets to get out of jail in the interim. Judges determine how likely people are to not show up to court when they’re supposed to and set bail from there. If you’ve been a trusted member of your community for a while, have family in the area, and work in your area of residence, you could be released for free, which is known as being released on recognizance.

If You Have an Attorney, You Could Get a Referral Discount

In business, service providers often work with one another to refer customers their way. Criminal attorneys typically have relationships with bail bondsmen which you can get a discount for in some cases. You won’t receive these referral discounts if you haven’t already retained a criminal defense attorney, though.

After You’ve Shown Up, Your Bail Could Be Reduced

After you’ve proven yourself to the court of law presiding over your case, your bail could be reduced. Simply show up – it’s that simple. You are much more likely to have a judge reduce your bail amount once you’ve shown up in court one or more times. The more consecutive times you’ve shown up, the more likely your bill will be reduced.

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