Taking Positive Steps to Address Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a constant source of concern in the United States and around the world. In the last few years there has been a shift in the conversation about substance abuse. It has gone from being seen as a vice connected to a lack of willpower or low moral character and is now being seen as a disease that must be treated as such. This means that less emphasis is being placed on the criminalization of substance abuse and more emphasis is being placed on helping individuals who are battling substance abuse get their life back on track. This is done through training and rehabilitation.

Technology has played a role in making substance abuse recovery possible. Online substance abuse courses have been beneficial for many individuals battling with the coping skills needed to successfully address substance abuse.

Since the late 90’s, the link between substance abuse and mental illness has become clearly identified. Prior to that time, if an individual had a problem with substance abuse and they were dealing with a mental health challenge, they were told to first correct the substance abuse and then may be in line for mental health treatment. Codependency treatment is the norm nowadays. It is understood that mental health treatment and the treatment for substance abuse must happen simultaneously if the individual is going to have long-term results.

As substance abuse becomes more prominent in different communities, these communities are taking steps to help their fellow man. This increased awareness about the challenges those battling with substance abuse face and a stronger determination on the part of governmental agencies, religious institutions, and society as a whole to combat substance abuse has produced very positive results.

Changes in the way people view substance abuse are likely connected to changes that have been seen in laws in the United States and other countries regarding what substances are considered illegal and which substances are considered to be legal. The goal is that continued progress will be made and individuals battling with substance abuse will get the help they need so that they can live a happy and successful life.

9 entertainers that have been injured at work

Accidents in the workplace is an unavoidable occurrence, not only does it happen to everyone around us, it also happens to celebrities. You ever wonder why they get paid so much money? Because it takes into consideration some of the things that they must do that might be dangerous and risky. Ask anybody and they’d tell you that movie sets are where the magic happens, but it is also where most of celebrities get injured the most. We are going to go through a list of some popular celebrities and the injuries that they have suffered on the set of a movie of tv show.

Robert Downey Jr

Back in 2008 while on the set for Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr received a knockout punch that knocked him unconscious. The punch mistakenly connected with his chin and he was sent flying and when he came through he refused to get medical attention and was happy to get back to filming.

Halle Berry

In 2012 Halle Berry was sent to hospital after suffering a minor head injury while on the set for her movie The Hive. She is known for suffering a variety of injuries while on the set of her movies, most noticeable she broke an arm while on the set for Dis Another Day and she also bashed her head on the lights during filming for Catwoman.

Charlize Theron

While on the set for her award-winning role as the evil queen in snow white and the huntsman, Charlize Theron tore a muscle in her stomach. According to her she loved screaming at people so much that she tore a but in her stomach.

Gerard Butler

You probably remember the movie Chasing Mavericks all over the tv back in 2011 but did you know that during the filming for the moving Gerard Butler was washed through some rocks, he was pretty banged up but fought against going to the ER.

Brad Pitt

Pretty ironically, Brad Pitt injured his achilles while playing Achilles in Troy. This injury then led to his next role for Ocean’s Twelve to be pushed back.

Ben Stiller

Who remembers the ferret scene from Along Came Polly? Well did you also know that while filming that scene Ben Stiller was bitten by a ferret and had to receive a rabies shot. Looking back at the experience he describes it as horrible and strange.

Orlando Bloom

During filming for Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom fell off a horse and suffered a broken rib. 6 years after the release of the film he was asked how he felt about the incident and he’s reply? “It was worth it”

Viggo Mortensen

It seems like working on the Lord of the Ring set came with its own set of obstacles, as it turns out Viggo Mortensen also got injured on the sent of the movie. While filming a fight scene he got his bottom tooth knocked out. He also broke two toes after kicking a helmet for another scene.

Mariah Carey

Its not only actors that get injured, when singer song writer Mariah Carey was on the set for one of her music videos she took a fall and dislocated a shoulder and she had to wear s sling for a few weeks.

This list was created to highlight the fact that everyone has the potential of suffering a workplace injury. If you have been through an injury at work you might be eligible for compensation. Contact The Claims Partnership now for no obligation free personal injury advice.…

7 Advice You Need to Read Before Starting Your Company Registration

Starting your own company is a good idea, you feel the excitement inside you. However, not properly considering all factors before starting your company might end up being stressful and overwhelming.

Below are 7 things you need to consider before proceeding with your company registration.

1. Start Your Company — Get Rich

Most people believe starting your company means you’re getting rich immediately. Many individuals trying to get their company formed, start dreaming of cash flowing. It takes more commitment and hard work.

So starting your business because you think it’s a quick scheme like ponzi, will only get your company hurt. Make sure you into the business because you really care about it.

2. Do What You Knowledgeable On

It’s important that your company is based on what you know. Companies should be established on passion rather than zeal to earn more — as discussed in point 1 above.

For your company to thrive you must be passionate about it, it’s never easy, but it takes passion to overcome. There is the downside, you can’t be passionate about something you don’t know.

How to make your passion into a means of earning

3. Don’t be scared to specialize

This point joggle some old high school phrase “Jack of all trade, master of none”.  Most people are too afraid, you probably think doing two or three trade helps you get more customers and money, in fact, you might end up with none. Specialising provides you with the means to focus on a single service, garner reputation as the best service provider and a greater opportunity.

You can also check out reason why you should specialize here — http://www.smallbusinessbonfire.com/specialize-your-business/

4. Don’t Get Relationship Mixed Up With Your Company

This is one mistake most people do. You want to get started, so you call your friends and families to start the business. It might sound as an ideal way to start with people who care about you and you feel comfortable to work with. However, if you have an issue with your relationships, it might lead to serious consequence or even be the end of your company.

So, never mix personal feeling with business — never a good plan.

5. Look for different perspective

It’s important to always feel free to ask for help whenever you feel lost or unsure about something. Your friends and families are there to help out. However, you need to be careful not get personal relationship mixed up with your company — as stated in point 4.

Always get people to have a look at your plans either ongoing or initial idea. It can mean a lot, in getting your business thriving.

6. Always make plans

Most people always forget how important it is to have all your plans upfront before your company registration. Another phrase we say as a kid is “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

You can’t leave your house without a destination or a plan, so why start a company without an actual plan.

7. Time

“Rome was not built in a day” so getting your business transformed into success can’t be done overnight. It actually takes a while. You will see a lot, but you need to be prepared, be passionate about your company.

I hope you carefully have read it and read to start with your company in Cyprus. Get started on the right path by requesting help Cyprus Company Registration.…

Want to invest more in Partying? Here are few cheapest hotels in Goa

Goa is a state always in the partying mode. Therefore, if you want to invest in partying, there is no better place than Goa. Look out for some Goa cheap hotels and have a great time. But, before that, let us understand a bit of Goa’s history and culture.

Two Independence Days

Does it sound intriguing that Goa celebrates two Independence Days, one on 15th August and the other on 19th December every year? It is surprising that in spite of being an integral part of India, Goa attained freedom from the Portuguese on 19th December 1961; a full 14 years after India attained hers. This is why you still see glimpses of Portuguese culture in Goa.

A heady cultural mix

Ever since that fateful day in December 1961, all Indians are free to enter Goa. If one is not able to visit the Western World and experience its culture, it does not matter. Goa can give you the same experience in our country itself. Goa presents an intoxicating mix of both Indian and Western culture. Hence, every person in India should visit this beautiful state at least once in their lives.

Go, party hard in Goa

Goa is the land of beautiful beaches. You have Vagator Beach, Calangute Beach, Dona Paula, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, and many more. It is the best place in India to go partying. Staying in beach shacks and having a drink right on the beach is one of the biggest attractions of Goa. You do not have such facilities anywhere else in India. This is why couples love to frequent Goa. No wonder, the song ‘Hum Bane Tum Bane Ek Duuje Ke Liye’ reverberates all over Goa. This particular Bollywood film, ‘Ek Duuje Ke Liye’ was shot entirely in Goa.

Let us now look at some of the Goa cheap hotels where you can stay and have a great time.

Hotel Goa’s Pearl – Candolim

Everyone knows that Goa is a land of beaches, churches, and temples. At the same time, you have some historic forts as well. One such fort, Reis Magos Fort is worth having a look. Hotel Goa’s Pearl in Candolim is just about 4 km from this historic fort. Located just about 7 km from Panjim Bus Stand, this hotel has 21 spacious rooms spread over 4 floors. With prices starting from as low as Rs 1481 per person, this hotel qualifies as one of the cheapest hotels in Goa. At the same time, you have amenities that can give a complex to the higher priced hotels. These amenities include AC, extra beds, mini fridge, room heater, en-suite bathroom with bathtub, and so on. The in-house restaurant, bar, and banquet complete the list of excellent amenities you can enjoy here. No wonder, this hotel is the favourite of many.

Colva Residency – Colva Beach

Colva Beach is one of the best places to watch the sunset in its full glory. Naturally, tourists would love to stay in a hotel close to Sunset Beach. Colva Residency is the right choice for such nature lovers. Located at just a stone’s throw distance from Colva Bus Stand, this beautiful hotel has a total of 47 rooms with all the facilities one expects a decent accommodation to have. It does qualify as one of Goa cheap hotels as the fares start from as low an amount as Rs 1800 per person per night. Colva is accessible by rail as well as the Madgaon Railway Station is just about 8 km away. In addition to the Sunset Beach, you have other beaches as Majorda Beach and the Betalbatim Beach located at a distance of around 5 to 6 km.

Epitacios Resorts – Calangute

Calangute Beach has the distinction of being the second longest beach in India after the Marina Beach in Chennai. One of the most popular places for partying around because of the easy access to the local intoxicant, Kaju Feni, Calangute is the favourite location for all party lovers. It is really a great experience to rent a shack right on the beach. But, for security reasons, it is advisable to stay at some of the Goa cheap hotels in the vicinity such as Epitacios Resorts. This is a small resort having just 6 rooms, but it is perfect for having a great party atmosphere. Located very close to Baga Beach and Calangute Beach, this resort has all the major amenities available in more expensive hotels. Attractively priced at just Rs 1799 per person per night, this resort is certainly a steal.


We have seen three Goa cheap hotels, each of which offers high-quality hospitality. You will not forget this experience in a hurry. Booking these resorts should not be an issue at all because you can …

Hidden defects: What are your remedies?

Property transactions involve a lot of money and all documents signed are legally binding. It’s important for the buyers and sellers to take steps to protect their rights in these transactions and make sure they don’t get into legal trouble down the line. But even with all the precautions and inspections, some problems can slip through the cracks and cause trouble months or years in the future. These problems in the purchased property are called hidden defects. A specialized lawyer can help with cases involving property transactions and hidden defects.

What are hidden defects?

Property buyers inspect the property before they make a purchase and these are reasonably thorough. However, it’s still easy to miss big problems with the property during the inspection and purchase the property unknowingly. The faults and defects in the property are “hidden” and the sellers are held liable even if they weren’t aware of the problem.

In such cases, the buyer has a case against the seller and the seller has to prove that they couldn’t have been aware of the problem before making a sale. If this can’t be conclusively proven, the seller may have to pay for all repairs related to the hidden defects. If the seller does prove that they couldn’t possibly know about the defects, the judge will decide how to handle the cost of repairs.

Problems related to hidden defects

Both buyers and sellers can face problems because of hidden defects, which is why it’s necessary to protect your interests even before the sales agreement is signed. You might be faced with one of the two situations mentioned below:

  • Sellers – You have sold your home and face claims of hidden or latent defects months or years after the sale. This can be a crack in the foundation wall, infiltrations in the roof structure, problems with sewage lines, etc. These claims can be made against you unless the property is sold at a lower cost without guarantee of its quality.

In such cases, you can’t be held liable and the buyer has to pay for the repairs without any assistance from you. You need to call a lawyer as soon as you are faced with the claims because there’s a chance you might be able to prove lack of knowledge.

  • Buyers – If you find a hidden fault in the property after the purchase that would’ve developed before the purchase agreement, you have legal recourse to seek compensation. In such cases, buyers who are aware of the fault might still purchase the property and pay less money for it. It’s important to contact a legal professional immediately after you discover the fault because such problems are subject to deadlines. The longer you delay, the less likely you are to win the case.

An experienced lawyer will examine the case carefully to understand the liability, recommend the most cost-efficient solution, and carry out negotiations on your behalf. If the parties can’t agree, the case is taken to court for the judge to decide. Experienced lawyers always encourage parties involved to settle out of court and come to a reasonable agreement.

A lawyer will help you protect yourself from hidden defects whether you’re the seller or a buyer. It’s important to consult with an experienced and professional lawyer during the property transactions to ensure your interests are protected and included in the sales agreement. This can help you avoid problems and legal troubles down the line.…

The Benefits of Participating in SETA Accredited Learnership Activities

The Sector Education and Training Authority, more commonly known as SETA, was established in 2005 with the aim of implementing the National Skills Development Strategy plan. This skills development strategy is meant to assist in stabilising the South African economy by giving South Africans the opportunity to learn valuable skills and find meaningful employment. One of the most effective methods of doing this is through the use of learnerships.

What is a learnership?

Learnerships are structured learning programmes which involve gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the workplace. This process takes place over a period of at least 12 months and concludes with the participant receiving an occupational related qualification registered on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

Whereas most tertiary qualifications are based on theoretical learning, often with no real experience, learnerships incorporate both experiential and theoretical learning. The learner learns about the work while on the job, gain practical experience, while also gaining from theoretical components which lead to a recognisable qualification, as mentioned. This means that learners gain knowledge, experience and increased employability which can assist in alleviating the issue of an unskilled, unemployed population sector.

B-BBEE scorecard points

Even though Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is not compulsory, B-BBEE is an important part of business in South Africa. Companies are scored based on their compliance, and a good B-BBEE compliance level can be a great advantage in business.

Companies can earn maximum Skills Development points if they spend the required percentage of their annual payroll on training initiatives as per their business category. The B-BBEE Code’s Learning Programme Matrix sets a number of areas where skills development training programmes are possible such as Learnerships and Internships.

By utilizing learnership tax rebates, businesses will not only obtain full points on the Skill Development element, but the implementation can also be done in a cost-effective way.

Tax rebate on a learnership

A further benefit for companies that participate in SETA-accredited training initiatives such as learnerships is the tax rebate on learnerships of NQF level 1-6. As of the 1st of October 2016, the tax rebate on a learnership is R40 000 at enrolment, and a further R40 000 on completion. That is a total tax rebate of R80 000. To learn more about SETA learnerships that can benefit your business it is better to consult with a professional in business legal compliance for professional advice.


The First Thing to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Most people involved in a motorcycle accident are focused on getting their injuries attended to, and rightly so. The fatality rate among motorcycle riders is on the rise in the states, and serious injuries can often be so severe they negatively impact the rider for the rest of their lives. Getting legal help should be the very next thing you take care of, as soon as you can reach for a phone.

This is how the local motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis MD professional can help to protect your financial future.

Having a Buffer to the Insurance Company

Once the insurance company has your injuries evaluated, they are going to move heaven and earth to try and get this case settled for the least amount of money possible. When the insurance company throws a huge settlement check your way, they don’t want you to hire an attorney and take this to trial because they understand they could lose a fortune. Your personal injury lawyer acts like a buffer to shield you from these pressure antics by the insurance company.

Instead of being pressured to settle, you can focus on getting better and deal with your physical therapy classes while your motorcycle accident attorney deals with the legalities of this case moving forward.

Gathering Critical Accident Evidence

Depending on how severe your injuries from this accident, you may not be in any condition to be out collecting evidence to support your claims this was the fault of another party. The longer time passes, the less evidence is available, so calling in the motorcycle accident attorney even as you are riding to the hospital in the ambulance is ideal. Your attorney will meet with you at the hospital if needed, and immediately get their team of accident investigators out to the scene to start collecting evidence.

Once the team arrives at the scene where the motorcycle accident took place, they can take photos, make a video, gather important measurements, and then follow-up with witnesses who left their contact information with the authorities.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Now that your motorcycle accident attorney has information about the severity of your injuries and can analyze the evidence collected at the scene, the process of determining the amount of the lawsuit begins. To get this number right, the lawyer needs to consider several variables from how long you’ll be impacted by the injuries, your medical bills, your loss of work, and the pain you may be saddled with the rest of your life.

Your lawyer is going to try to make you whole by getting adequate compensation to protect you well past your retirement years. It is critical they take all the time needed to get this number right the first time.

Aligning yourself with a personal injury lawyer after you suffer a motorcycle accident is going to be your best way to protect your financial future while you are focused on getting healthy.…