Hidden defects: What are your remedies?

Property transactions involve a lot of money and all documents signed are legally binding. It’s important for the buyers and sellers to take steps to protect their rights in these transactions and make sure they don’t get into legal trouble down the line. But even with all the precautions and inspections, some problems can slip through the cracks and cause trouble months or years in the future. These problems in the purchased property are called hidden defects. A specialized lawyer can help with cases involving property transactions and hidden defects.

What are hidden defects?

Property buyers inspect the property before they make a purchase and these are reasonably thorough. However, it’s still easy to miss big problems with the property during the inspection and purchase the property unknowingly. The faults and defects in the property are “hidden” and the sellers are held liable even if they weren’t aware of the problem.

In such cases, the buyer has a case against the seller and the seller has to prove that they couldn’t have been aware of the problem before making a sale. If this can’t be conclusively proven, the seller may have to pay for all repairs related to the hidden defects. If the seller does prove that they couldn’t possibly know about the defects, the judge will decide how to handle the cost of repairs.

Problems related to hidden defects

Both buyers and sellers can face problems because of hidden defects, which is why it’s necessary to protect your interests even before the sales agreement is signed. You might be faced with one of the two situations mentioned below:

  • Sellers – You have sold your home and face claims of hidden or latent defects months or years after the sale. This can be a crack in the foundation wall, infiltrations in the roof structure, problems with sewage lines, etc. These claims can be made against you unless the property is sold at a lower cost without guarantee of its quality.

In such cases, you can’t be held liable and the buyer has to pay for the repairs without any assistance from you. You need to call a lawyer as soon as you are faced with the claims because there’s a chance you might be able to prove lack of knowledge.

  • Buyers – If you find a hidden fault in the property after the purchase that would’ve developed before the purchase agreement, you have legal recourse to seek compensation. In such cases, buyers who are aware of the fault might still purchase the property and pay less money for it. It’s important to contact a legal professional immediately after you discover the fault because such problems are subject to deadlines. The longer you delay, the less likely you are to win the case.

An experienced lawyer will examine the case carefully to understand the liability, recommend the most cost-efficient solution, and carry out negotiations on your behalf. If the parties can’t agree, the case is taken to court for the judge to decide. Experienced lawyers always encourage parties involved to settle out of court and come to a reasonable agreement.

A lawyer will help you protect yourself from hidden defects whether you’re the seller or a buyer. It’s important to consult with an experienced and professional lawyer during the property transactions to ensure your interests are protected and included in the sales agreement. This can help you avoid problems and legal troubles down the line.

The Benefits of Participating in SETA Accredited Learnership Activities

The Sector Education and Training Authority, more commonly known as SETA, was established in 2005 with the aim of implementing the National Skills Development Strategy plan. This skills development strategy is meant to assist in stabilising the South African economy by giving South Africans the opportunity to learn valuable skills and find meaningful employment. One of the most effective methods of doing this is through the use of learnerships.

What is a learnership?

Learnerships are structured learning programmes which involve gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the workplace. This process takes place over a period of at least 12 months and concludes with the participant receiving an occupational related qualification registered on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

Whereas most tertiary qualifications are based on theoretical learning, often with no real experience, learnerships incorporate both experiential and theoretical learning. The learner learns about the work while on the job, gain practical experience, while also gaining from theoretical components which lead to a recognisable qualification, as mentioned. This means that learners gain knowledge, experience and increased employability which can assist in alleviating the issue of an unskilled, unemployed population sector.

B-BBEE scorecard points

Even though Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is not compulsory, B-BBEE is an important part of business in South Africa. Companies are scored based on their compliance, and a good B-BBEE compliance level can be a great advantage in business.

Companies can earn maximum Skills Development points if they spend the required percentage of their annual payroll on training initiatives as per their business category. The B-BBEE Code’s Learning Programme Matrix sets a number of areas where skills development training programmes are possible such as Learnerships and Internships.

By utilizing learnership tax rebates, businesses will not only obtain full points on the Skill Development element, but the implementation can also be done in a cost-effective way.

Tax rebate on a learnership

A further benefit for companies that participate in SETA-accredited training initiatives such as learnerships is the tax rebate on learnerships of NQF level 1-6. As of the 1st of October 2016, the tax rebate on a learnership is R40 000 at enrolment, and a further R40 000 on completion. That is a total tax rebate of R80 000. To learn more about SETA learnerships that can benefit your business it is better to consult with a professional in business legal compliance for professional advice.


The First Thing to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Most people involved in a motorcycle accident are focused on getting their injuries attended to, and rightly so. The fatality rate among motorcycle riders is on the rise in the states, and serious injuries can often be so severe they negatively impact the rider for the rest of their lives. Getting legal help should be the very next thing you take care of, as soon as you can reach for a phone.

This is how the local motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis MD professional can help to protect your financial future.

Having a Buffer to the Insurance Company

Once the insurance company has your injuries evaluated, they are going to move heaven and earth to try and get this case settled for the least amount of money possible. When the insurance company throws a huge settlement check your way, they don’t want you to hire an attorney and take this to trial because they understand they could lose a fortune. Your personal injury lawyer acts like a buffer to shield you from these pressure antics by the insurance company.

Instead of being pressured to settle, you can focus on getting better and deal with your physical therapy classes while your motorcycle accident attorney deals with the legalities of this case moving forward.

Gathering Critical Accident Evidence

Depending on how severe your injuries from this accident, you may not be in any condition to be out collecting evidence to support your claims this was the fault of another party. The longer time passes, the less evidence is available, so calling in the motorcycle accident attorney even as you are riding to the hospital in the ambulance is ideal. Your attorney will meet with you at the hospital if needed, and immediately get their team of accident investigators out to the scene to start collecting evidence.

Once the team arrives at the scene where the motorcycle accident took place, they can take photos, make a video, gather important measurements, and then follow-up with witnesses who left their contact information with the authorities.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Now that your motorcycle accident attorney has information about the severity of your injuries and can analyze the evidence collected at the scene, the process of determining the amount of the lawsuit begins. To get this number right, the lawyer needs to consider several variables from how long you’ll be impacted by the injuries, your medical bills, your loss of work, and the pain you may be saddled with the rest of your life.

Your lawyer is going to try to make you whole by getting adequate compensation to protect you well past your retirement years. It is critical they take all the time needed to get this number right the first time.

Aligning yourself with a personal injury lawyer after you suffer a motorcycle accident is going to be your best way to protect your financial future while you are focused on getting healthy.…

Things to Consider When Planning a Construction Project

If you have a construction project that is in the planning stages, you should maintain a fairly cautious attitude. The choices you make during this phase can permanently affect your reputation. After all, it is your responsibility to ensure that the completed building is structurally sound. In the event that the building partially collapses and injures someone, you could be morally or legally culpable.

In this nation, it seems that many of simplest, easiest sites for construction are already fully developed. At this point, many of the sites left feature steep slopes or other complicating topographical features. To ensure the structural integrity of your building, you need to make sure that all retaining walls are constructed soundly. With the help of a retaining wall engineer, you can ensure that your retaining wall will remain strong for the long term.

Supposing you are building a residential structure, solid construction is particularly crucial. After all, families with children may ultimately live in your development. Fortunately, modern building methods are more sophisticated and reliable than ever before. To take advantage of these methods, you simply have to hire the right construction professionals.

If you are a property developer, you deserve plenty of appreciation from your local community. After all, ongoing building is critical for the future of our nation. To maintain our current level of economic prosperity, our communities need a constant flow of new developments. Residential and commercial developments are both essential for helping people lives that are full of richness and meaning.

Unfortunately, too many government officials are determined to obstruct new construction projects from moving forward. In many cases, officials allow political considerations to get in the way of proper oversight. Of course, it isn’t fair to criticize officials without mentioning the role of small-minded citizens. Too often, people want to stop construction projects for reasons that are purely parochial in nature. For example, many people want to limit construction because they insist on access to more plentiful parking. This unethical attitude prevents newcomers from entering the neighborhood. This restrictiveness also has the unpleasant effect of preventing internal migration by minority groups.

A growing number of community organizers have recognized the importance of allowing construction projects to move forward. Although higher-density living does require certain sacrifices on the part of long-time residents, fill-in development plays a vital role. Besides promoting cheaper rents for all tenants, fill-in projects are demonstrably good for the health of the environment.

For far too long, many of our communities have been stuck in a kind of stasis. Thanks to responsible property developers, counties across the nation are experiencing positive change. From an economic and demographic standpoint, bold new construction projects are generally beneficial for society. If you are playing a part in this trend, you likely deserve accolades from community members. To properly maintain the trust of your community, you should make sure that all of your buildings are structurally sound. After all, it only takes one failed retaining wall to damage your reputation for good.…

Top Questions to Consider When Hiring a Financial Advisor

As a successful business owner, you know that your time is valuable. When your bookkeeping duties start to get in the way of your usual creativity, it’s time to consider hiring a financial advisor. There are various firms out there to help manage your business’s finances, however, there are some key criteria that you should utilize when making your ultimate decision on who to hire to do the job.

Happy couple seal a deal with their personal financial advisor at home

The first piece of criteria you should use when evaluating potential financial advising firms is the cost of their services. You don’t want to just pick a firm solely based on their price. Rather, you want to first look at the price, so you can have a general idea of what firms fall within your budget range. You don’t want to hire a financial advisor that takes care of a Fortune 500 company when you own a small business. It doesn’t make sense for them and it doesn’t make sense for your budget.

When you’re having a discussion about the price you will be charged if you utilize a specific firm’s services, you need to ask how they charge. Different firms charge for services in various manners. For example, you may find out there is an initial planning fee that you must pay out when you first start your relationship with the firm. Some firms may charge a flat management fee, while others will charge a percentage of the assets of the business. How a potential financial advising firm is going to charge you is an important consideration to take into account. You should be aware of how the fees will progress or stay the same based on how your business grows in the future.

The next piece of criteria you want to use to evaluate potential financial advising firms for is the services they offer and the typical types of clients they deal with. It’s vital that you understand what parts of the financial needs of the business will be taken care of by a firm and the parts that won’t be. For example, a firm may take care of bookkeeping, hedge fund consulting, and investment portfolios. They may not handle tax filing, which is something you need to take into consideration so that no parts of your business’s finances are found lapsed latter down the road due to confusion between you and the financial advising firm. It’s also a good idea to find a firm that works with businesses of your size. You don’t want a firm that specializes in individual advising or Fortune 500 advising.

The last questions you want to ask any potential advising firms is what type of credentials and licenses they possess. At the bare minimum, any firm you’re considering hiring should have certified public accounts or CPAs. If you’re interested in investments as well you should ensure the firm has personal financial specialists or PSFs. There are various certifications available you should do a little research on before consulting with a potential firm.

When your business moves out of the garage and into its first real space, it’s time to hire a financial advisor. Although you may want to do everything on your own, as many entrepreneurs start out desiring to do, it’s only going to harm your productivity in the future. Do yourself a favor and follow the criteria above to hire a financial advisor so you can spend your time doing what you do best.…


The name of the divorced, must be difficult and painful. Even if the divorced does not feel sick because the divorce is the decision of both parties, must be their children who feel the pain. It is the children who feel the most troubled and hurt by the divorce that happens to both parents.

Many children carry scarring “battles” of divorce until adulthood, a wound that can never heal by seeing the rift of the household of his father and mother. Especially if they have to be a witness of the quarrel for the quarrel of his parents every day.

Though it should be a divorced parent who realizes that when they used to meet and unite in a good way, why if you have to end it, not in a good way too? We are married to seek happiness. But, in the process, many stumbling blocks are blocking, and ultimately make us have to make choices. Keep fighting or parting. And if the worst risk that must be taken, of course we cannot be rash. There are ways to split up without being emotionally destructive to children in the long term.


1. Do not make children “messengers”

According to M Gary Neuman, a family and divorce expert, divorced parents often make their children “messengers” or “mail carriers” to communicate with each other. In fact, that’s what can cause excessive stress and emotional distress in children. Because they have to force themselves to negotiate the situation of their parents that they cannot really handle.

Email is an excellent tool right now to communicate with your ex-spouse. In addition to greater capacity than regular SMS, email is also a communication tool that if minimize your direct interaction with ex-spouse. Different with the use of SMS, BB messenger, chat YM, and the like with it. It also allows you to specifically discuss the possibility of raising your child without having to open your old wounds together.

If you want or need to talk to your ex over the phone or personally about children, focus on what you want to say and do not get hurt when your ex is upset.

2. Do not also make a child as a “therapist”

Whether or not they are aware, divorced parents often make their teenagers or grown-ups as their ventures or therapists. And in this divorce issue, adolescent children have a desire to be in control and keep their parents together. But their parents’ divorce choices have turned their world upside-down.

Never tell in detail about your divorce or feelings of anger toward your ex-spouse to older children. Because it will create a kind of wrong understanding of you and / or your ex-spouse. Not infrequently, they will feel guilty and believe that they are the cause of your separation. Or, worse they will save hatred against one of you both for hurting their loved ones.

3. Understand the feelings of your children

Do not be selfish to always ask your children to understand your circumstances and feelings. You also have to understand their circumstances and feelings. Because after all, the effects of divorce are most felt by them, and post-divorce their feelings in chaos.

You need to listen to what they feel. Just listen, but do not criticize your ex-partner in front of him because it is tantamount to criticizing your child as well. After all, your child has 50% of yourself and 50% of your husband’s self in him.

If the children still do not want to talk, you can advise your child to write down his feelings and you can share them with your ex. After all, your ex-spouse has the same duty and right to know how the child’s condition and feelings are. But do this only if the child wants to do it. Understand their circumstances, and help the healing process by making them feel loved and understood.

4. Do not make your child have to choose

Separating does not mean the children have to lose you or your ex. In that sense, you may no longer be home. But, do not let children come to throw “home” in their hearts. They should still be able to communicate well with both parents. They should still have you both. So do not make them choose.

For younger children, custody should be available to the mother. But that does not mean the mother who has to rule for everything. However, the father also has the right to take care of them occasionally until the children can freely choose their own to want to live with whom.

Remember, your relationship and your spouse may break up and you both become strangers. But, children will never break with their parents. As bad as any parents, parents are still parents. Equally have rights and obligations.…

3 Easy Ways to Get a Clients for a lawyer

The biggest fear of a freelancer lawyer is not getting income consistently from clients, this month can be a lot, and maybe next month cannot be at all. To be honest, it used to be a frightening specter for me. What is the solution?

Only 2: Connection and Ability!

Is the connection in question is Corruption Collusion Nepotism? Of course not, but more towards your business network. What’s the use of you having the ability to design a deity but no one knows about your ability? Therefore the first tips are:


Be Everywhere!

Yup, or simple language: CURRENT! Increase existence with lots of new people. So a freelancer lawyer does not mean we just stay at home while looking for a job anyway? Go into a community that supports your work and get acquainted with new people, in case your friends your friends need your services in the future. You’ll never know! Once I got a project from my old girlfriend’s girlfriend that I accidentally met in my friend’s brother’s sister. Far? Yes… As I said, you will never know. Always prepare a business card in your pocket about 30 pieces at any time, so you’ll always be ready to expand your connection wherever you are.

Do not forget also the influence of network of friends in cyberspace. I myself have facebook, friendster, twitter, plurk, pownce, linkedIn, flickr, cerpenista and also own blog to express daily opinions and curses. In addition I am also incorporated in the mailing list WebPM, id-apple, ID-Firefox, high school alumni mailing lists and lectures and more. Ok, maybe most I never update. But google will index all those pages, and all those pages will point to my personal site.

Be Useful for Your Clients!

Just circulating is not enough, you certainly want to remember and referenced people because of your expertise dong? Show everyone what you can and make them remember by helping them. If you do not have a sufficient portfolio, offer your services for free to non-profit organizations, write interesting and useful tips for many people on your blog, create free wordpress blog templates, offer vector illustrations or icon designs you do not use for download people, and many more ways to be useful to others.

For example, I wrote an article on how to share internet connection at home and 1 article contributed about 300 visitors to my blog every day. Being active on the WebPM mailing list brings quite a lot of projects and lots of recommendations to clients from overseas. If you help others, others will definitely help you. Maybe a little naive, but there’s nothing wrong with being a good person.

Develop your skills and show it to the world, BE USEFUL!

Be Famous!

Ok, maybe this is more to the result of the 2 tips above. When you are well known to many people and already useful to those people, the recommendations will spread widely. Starting from your friends, friends of your friends and so on. What you are doing now is just waiting and let your popularity work by itself.…