Escaping Your Debt Through Bankruptcy

Are you neck deep in debt? If you are, you most likely are feeling as if you will never escape. Every penny you make instantly goes into paying off a sea of debt that you are beginning to feel you will never get away from. Perhaps you have been sued at some point, and the lawsuit is taking up all of the money you can make. This is the point when you might want to think about filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal way to make that debt a thing of the past.


You or your small business can make one little slip and suddenly you have been sued for everything you own or plan to own. Having a lawsuit filed against you is something that many people spend most of their time trying to avoid. Then one person slips on your front porch or your cleaning lady trips on the vacuum cord, and a lawsuit becomes a part of your life story. This is a time when you might want to consider finding a bankruptcy attorney Salem OR, to help you think about escaping the debt that’s about to come your way. If you would like to read more about lawsuits, here is the link to a Wikipedia article about them.

Escaping a Lifetime of Debt

Bankruptcy is a way to get away from debt when there seems to be no other way out. By filing a bankruptcy, you can negotiate a plan of action to escape the prison of debt of which you are now a captive. Bankruptcy can take your debt and cut it down into payments that can be paid off with time. This is a way to get away from your debt so that you can leave something to your children and loved ones other than a pile of bills.

Is it Time to Escape?

Have you spent enough time behind the bars of past wrong spending? Putting too much money on credit cards freshman year should not be something that follows you throughout your life. Maybe it’s time to finally fix this financial disaster you have been living. If you want to better understand Bankruptcy, here is a link on the subject, that might help you better understand.

The First Step

Many bankruptcy lawyers will give a free consultation. This is so that they can help you lay out a plan before you have to pay a penny. If you go to see a bankruptcy lawyer, you will most likely be asked to share your financial situation with them. You will need to talk about your assets and the best ways to approach getting your debt behind you. Bankruptcy lawyers spend their lives learning the laws that can get individuals away from their debt, this is their specialty and they know the way the system works.
If you feel as if you might never get out of the debt you are trapped in, the credit card bills just get higher, and you can’t even afford a hospital bill if one were to present itself, you might want to think about bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney can also work with you to get that lawsuit behind you once and for all. Now might be the day for you to start making your debt a thing of the past.


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What’s Involved in A Wrongful Death Claim?

When a loved one dies in an accident through the fault of another, the law provides a way for that person’s family to seek damages. While there are certain rules restricting a wrongful death claim, it can help grieving loved ones recover from the financial hardships caused by the death.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

To begin, there are only certain people who can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit. While the laws in each state vary slightly, most stipulate that this type of legal action can only be initiated by a personal representative of the decedent. This may be an individual named in the decedent’s will as an executor or may be someone appointed by the courts.

While the personal representative speaks for the family in court, other individuals will likely share the damages awarded in the trial. Those individuals who can show a financial loss caused by the death are eligible to receive a share of the settlement. This may be a spouse and/or minor children for whom the decedent was financially responsible. An elder parent whom the deceased individual cared for, or other family members affected by the loss in some financial means. Some states allow the unwed life partner of the decedent to benefit as well.

In a legal proceeding of this type, the wrongful death attorney Beverly Hills CA acting for the family must be able to establish certain elements. For a wrongful death proceeding to move forward, the plaintiff must be able to show that there was, in fact, a death. Additionally, they must show that the defendant was responsible for causing the death, either through negligence or through a willful disregard for that person’s life. The remaining factors in a wrongful death case revolve around showing that family members have been financially impacted by the loss and that a personal representative has been appointed.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a Claim of Wrongful Death?

In civil court, damages is the term used to describe the money awarded to compensate the plaintiff for the loss or harm caused by the defendant. In a wrongful death case, damages can be awarded for a number of reasons.

Damages related to the victim’s experience are commonly awarded. For instance, damages may be awarded to compensate the family for the pain and suffering experienced by the decedent, just prior to his death. If the decedent lived long enough to receive medical treatment, compensation for those costs may also be awarded. The cost of the deceased individual’s funeral and burial expenses will likely be awarded to the family as well.

Additionally, the family will be compensated for the loss of income that results from the death. In some cases, an inheritance may be affected by the death and, in those instances, damages will be awarded to offset the loss of that inheritance. Other damages include the loss of value in the services the deceased would have provided. Similarly, a monetary value is placed on the care and guidance, love and companionship, and the nurturing that the decedent would otherwise have offered to his loved ones.

Losing a family member is an emotionally devastating experience and monetary compensation can’t change that. However, when that loss is caused by another and results in an extreme financial burden, the surviving family has a right to seek damages. BY seeking out an experienced wrongful death attorney, they can receive the compensation they deserve, so they can concentrate on grieving and healing from their loss.