You May Be Partying Too Hard If…

Long summer nights invite cold drinks, warm friends, and parties. If your friends consider you the life of the party, and you love the social life that lets you vent as you dance, mingle, and barhop, you may be a party animal. Although everyone loves a good party, here are some signs you may be partying too hard.

You Wake Up In Jail

Ever wake up in jail and have no idea how you got there? Have you called a bail bond company Beaver County PA to get you out of the predicament you find yourself in? If so, you are probably partying too hard and may need to take a break for your mental clarity to return.

Weekends Are Exhausting

If you no longer look to Friday with excitement, and Mondays find you filled with dread about the long day ahead, you may be partying too hard. If you find yourself sleeping until four, taking a long shower, and beginning the evening with a long, cold alcoholic drink to get you excited about a night out with friends, it is probably a sign you may need to cut back.

You Drunk Text People

Sending a rambling drunk text to friends and family at four in the morning is not normal, but they will forgive you. When you send those texts to people you are fighting with or a cheating ex, it may be a sign you are partying too hard.

Money Flows All Weekend

If you spend more money during the weekend than you make during the week, chances are you may be partying too hard. The same can be said if you spend more on booze during the week then you do on food – partying costs money!

Fun, friends, and parties can fill weekends, but when you cannot remember where you were, who you were with, or how you got in jail, you may be partying too hard. Take a deep breath, take a party break, and watch a movie with friends. Your wallet will thank you.