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Work-Related Heart Attack

Work-Related Heart Attack

Some of the most severe occupational injuries are those which show no outward signs and which can complicate far more than a person’s work life. Such is the case with heart attacks. Heart attacks are often fatal, but when a person is fortunate enough to survive, he or she is still likely to experience severe and prolonged adverse effects associated with the coronary event. When these incidents occur in the workplace or can be readily attribute to elements of one’s occupational responsibilities then it may be possible and appropriate for an employee to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits that are available under the pertinent state law.

Potential Causes of a Heart Attack

Apart from the brain, the most important organ of the body may very well be the heart. The blood flow that it regulates is responsible for distributing oxygen throughout the extremities and elsewhere. A cardiac event may occur when the heart’s blood vessels are clogged or blocked. Predicting the occurrence of these terrifying events is impossible, but there are a number of different factors that have been linked to heart attacks by extensive study. Obesity and overall poor cardiovascular health, for example, are known to elevate a person’s risk of suffering one. The following list represents some possibly work-related catalysts:


High stress occupational environment

Witnessing or being victimized by workplace violence

Emotional shock or panic upon witnessing a severe accident in the work environment

The inability to obtain or consume adequate water during intensely physical work

A Committed Advocate

If you or your loved one has suffered a heart attack triggered by workplace events or circumstances then it is important that you understand your legal rights with regard to workers’ compensation. Contact the Des Moines workers’ compensation lawyers of LaMarca & Landry, P.C., to speak with a skilled and experienced attorney.