Why Having a Disability Attorney is Necessary

Applying for disability is never an easy process for anyone involved, but with the help of an attorney, you can easily diminish a little bit of that stress. Once you have found an attorney that suits your needs, you will have all the help you need with the qualification process, re-applying for benefits, and having all the help you need to build a solid case. Keep in mind that the process of approval can be very lengthy so it is important to have faith in your attorney that they are doing their very best to help speed up the process so you can receive your first check.

Qualifying for Disability

If you have received a statement saying that you do not qualify for disability, you are going to need to contact any disability attorneys downers grove il in your area to look into your situation further. Your attorney will be able to look at your doctor’s notes and listen to your statement before determining whether or not you qualify for disability services. Sometimes, even if you do not qualify, you may in the future if you attend a certain amount of appointments with no notes of your condition improving.


One of the most strenuous parts of applying for disability is being denied multiple times before you are finally approved for a check. By having an attorney at your side, you will greatly increase your chances of being approved by having them to represent you in front of the judge. They can’t help you figure out what else could raise your approval chances and help you find resources to get you back and forth to the required appointments. Although the process can tend to be lengthy, having an attorney will help you reduce a great amount of stress during the approval process.

Building a Solid Case

When you are applying for disability you will need to have a solid case and a file filled with doctor and counselor notes about your condition. What the judge wants to see is that no matter how much treatments you have sought after, your condition has not gotten any better. When they see that the treatment has not been beneficial and you are not able to return back to work, your chances of being approved increases greatly due to your efforts on trying to get your mental and physical health straightened out so you can return to work.

When you are applying for disability you are going to want an attorney at your side to help with the qualification process and to help you build a solid case to present to the judge. Without one, you will simply be left in a vicious cycle of having to re-apply on a constant basis without the knowledge of how to speed up the process of being approved. To find out if an attorney would be suitable for you and your case, you can contact an attorney referral service to see what they have to offer you.