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Three Reasons to Consider Posting Bail After Being Arrested

Unless an individual is a seasoned criminal or is frequently getting into trouble with the law, being arrested is (typically) a rare occurrence. If a person has been arrested for a crime, there are several reasons why posting “bail” may be advantageous. Below is a brief explanation about what “bail” means, as well as three reasons to consider posting bail after an arrest.

1. Posting Bail Provides an Opportunity to Leave Jail

When an individual is arrested, he or she is taken into custody and will have to remain there until arraignment (which is when an individual is formally charged with a crime). This process can take time. Often, the option to “post bail” will be available. In other words, this means that for a fee, a defendant can pay an amount of money to leave jail until his or her arraignment. Posting bail may be a good choice for the simple reason that the individual will have the opportunity to leave custody. Being incarcerated may be a very stressful and frightening experience for someone, especially if it is his or her first time in jail. When an individual posts bail (or if another person pays the money for a loved one), there may be a great sense of relief by being able to go home.

2. Posting Bail Can Be a Relatively Simple Process

Depending on where an arrest occurs, there are usually several ways that bail can be met. These options may include paying the bail amount in cash, using collateral as payment, or hiring a bail bondsman to post bail for an individual for a fee, such as a bail bond agent Westmoreland County PA, for instance. It’s important to fully understand and explore all available choices, as each individual case may differ.

3. Buying Time to Consider Options

An arrest may be a very complicated process. Posting bail and having the chance to handle the situation outside of a jail cell may provide a defendant with the ability to “buy time” to consider and think about all her/his available options. This may also be a good time for a person in this situation to consult a lawyer to learn about what the next steps will be when facing a charge.