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The First Thing to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Most people involved in a motorcycle accident are focused on getting their injuries attended to, and rightly so. The fatality rate among motorcycle riders is on the rise in the states, and serious injuries can often be so severe they negatively impact the rider for the rest of their lives. Getting legal help should be the very next thing you take care of, as soon as you can reach for a phone.

This is how the local motorcycle accident attorney Annapolis MD professional can help to protect your financial future.

Having a Buffer to the Insurance Company

Once the insurance company has your injuries evaluated, they are going to move heaven and earth to try and get this case settled for the least amount of money possible. When the insurance company throws a huge settlement check your way, they don’t want you to hire an attorney and take this to trial because they understand they could lose a fortune. Your personal injury lawyer acts like a buffer to shield you from these pressure antics by the insurance company.

Instead of being pressured to settle, you can focus on getting better and deal with your physical therapy classes while your motorcycle accident attorney deals with the legalities of this case moving forward.

Gathering Critical Accident Evidence

Depending on how severe your injuries from this accident, you may not be in any condition to be out collecting evidence to support your claims this was the fault of another party. The longer time passes, the less evidence is available, so calling in the motorcycle accident attorney even as you are riding to the hospital in the ambulance is ideal. Your attorney will meet with you at the hospital if needed, and immediately get their team of accident investigators out to the scene to start collecting evidence.

Once the team arrives at the scene where the motorcycle accident took place, they can take photos, make a video, gather important measurements, and then follow-up with witnesses who left their contact information with the authorities.

Holding the Responsible Party Accountable

Now that your motorcycle accident attorney has information about the severity of your injuries and can analyze the evidence collected at the scene, the process of determining the amount of the lawsuit begins. To get this number right, the lawyer needs to consider several variables from how long you’ll be impacted by the injuries, your medical bills, your loss of work, and the pain you may be saddled with the rest of your life.

Your lawyer is going to try to make you whole by getting adequate compensation to protect you well past your retirement years. It is critical they take all the time needed to get this number right the first time.

Aligning yourself with a personal injury lawyer after you suffer a motorcycle accident is going to be your best way to protect your financial future while you are focused on getting healthy.