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Stop Making Your Friends Help You Move

Moving from one city to another is not an easy task when you and your family are living in a large home that’s filled with cumbersome furniture. Even if you are able to get your family to part with some of their belongings, there will likely be too many boxes for you to handle on your own. If you try to get your family to do the work of moving, they might actually end up damaging some of the boxes, especially if you are asking your young children to do some of the work.

Hiring professionals’ movers will come as a relief when it is time to leave your old home. You might think that you are able to handle the move on your own, but you’re not strong enough to lift all of the heavy objects in your home without help from other strong adults. If you try to rope all of your friends into lending a hand, they might say that they will show up to help you on your moving day. They’re your friends, so they might actually intend on lending support when you need it most. However, friends are only human, and they are not professional movers. If you are asking your friends to lend their assistance on the weekend, you are asking a big favor because many people work throughout the week, so the weekend might be incredibly valuable to your friends.

A good friend will tell you that they will help you with your move. However, there is no real way to make sure that they will wake up to the sound of their alarm clock on the morning of your move. They might even have something come up that they need to attend to on the weekend of your move. Your friends are just people, so they might get sick before the weekend that you are counting on their help, or they might have an important event come up that they can’t possibly reschedule.

You might think that your friends should do the right thing by being there for you, but you could be a good friend by not holding your loved ones accountable for your responsibilities. If you hire any type of piano moving company Santa Ana CA to take care of the large instrument in your living room, you’re doing the right thing for your friends by not asking too much of them. They might think that they’ll be able to help you move the piano on moving day, but the heavy instrument takes special care to get it out of one home and into your new home.

Instead of stealing your friends away from the things they like to do on their weekends, you should make the responsible decision of hiring professionals to help with your move. Spend time with your friends doing enjoyable activities before you move out of the neighborhood. Your friends will remember the fond times you had together instead of the tough time you had moving your belongings.