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Paper Tube Company for Your Needs

Companies in Kentucky that provide the manufacturing and industrial provisions of paper tubes offer a wide variety of products. They manufacture paper mill cores, converter cores, cloth and floor covering cores, metal, foil and strapping cores. They also make mailing and packaging tubes, industrial construction tubes, tape label cores, yarn carriers and spools and reels. They make film cores Louisville KY, and everything else in between. Whatever your paper tube needs may be, the companies custom make their products to meet the requirements laid out specifically by their clients with special finishes, coatings and wraps, or even special markings you want. Paper tube companies serve several industries to meet their paper needs in everything from business industries, banking industries, and cash register industries that are precisely ground and trimmed.

Film cores are crafted to the paper tube company’s client’s specific needs. They are manufactured to include custom printing both inside and out and include radial crush technology that provides film cores with detailed, and precise dimensional tolerances and high strength during the pre-cut process and the parent core lengths. The paper tube companies produce several surface qualities such as thin, skived, and ground and have pressure sensitive film applications.

Paper mill cores are also available at paper tube companies and offer a wide variety of products for the needs of both the pulp and paper industries. Paper mill cores are manufactured from paperboard mills, fine paper mills, specialty paper mills, and tissue mills. They can be provided to clients in the paper industry and came come in the standard packaging, or in special or custom packaging requirements laid out by the client. Along with paper mill cores, tubing companies also manufacture and sell converter cores to small roll converter core industries. They come in both spiral converter cores and go to converting cores that are exact in their diameters specifications. They are manufactured in a high-quality process at the paper tube companies and made with state of the art equipment to ensure consistent manufacturing processes.

Paper tube companies manufacture and provide their clients with metal, foil, and strapping cores to the ever-growing metal, foil, and strapping industry. They are made with consistent manufacturing processes that give the metal, foil, and strapping cores the highest consistent quality possible.

Both yarn carriers and spools and reels are made at paper tubing companies. High quality yarn carriers are manufactured and sold to fiber manufacturers. The fiber manufactures are able to go to the paper tubing companies and receive precise dimensional tolerances, and different surface qualities such as embossing and the coloring of the outside. Meanwhile spools and reels are made with high quality, consistent manufacturing processes and sold to fiber manufacturers in different sizes and shapes according to their specific spool and reel specifications.

Whether you work in the metal, foil, or construction industries, the fabric manufacturing industry, or the packaging or converter industry- paper tube companies have every product form tubes, cores, and reels to fit your industry’s specific needs.