Information on Social Disability Services

The Social Security System in the United States has been tasked with the responsibility of disability evaluation and has employed physicians and health professionals who understand the programs to execute the mandate.

The program is designed to evaluate individuals on a threshold they have established under the list of impairments which appear in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The list stipulates the criterion that determines the classification of different disabilities, for an adult they consider the past work experience, age, the severity of the medical condition and the work skills.

Individuals who feel that they fall into the category of disabled persons can apply for disability benefits through visiting the field offices or accessing an online form. The form needs the claimant to fill information about their impairment they must describe it in detail, then the sources of treatment they are receiving if any and any other crucial information relating to the said disability. The field office is designated to verify the non-medical eligibility requirements then send this information to Disability Determination Services to evaluate the impairment.

The federal government funds the Disability Determination Services and given the right to determine whether the claimant is disabled or not based on the findings and medical research they make of the person. If the research on the client does not give substantive evidence to determine their eligibility DDS can request the claimant to appear before them for a consultative examination (CE) this examination can be done by the claimant’s treating facility or the DDS can ask for an independent source for purposes of proof and verification. When the information from the examination is then presented to the staff of the body their physicians then make a disability determination, if they establish the person is disabled then the Social Security Administration computes the benefits amount and starts making the payment.

There are cases where the DDS can deny individual disability benefits in the event such occurs as a claimant you can appeal. Once you request, they will review your claim based on the application you made, in other states, it will enable the claimant to present their evidence in an informal hearing and state their case. As a claimant you are supposed to evaluate the medical record you introduced and establish the documents they used in making the decision, point out any errors they might have made and provide extra information. You have a better chance if your file has up-to-date files and doctor’s statements and records that are most recent.

After you have presented your case to social security disability Winchester VA and still your claim is denied then you can seek redress from the Administrative Law Judge. The ALJ hears appeals of social security disability cases their mode of operation is such that they will hold a formal hearing to get information from you about your disability. The best part is that they do not use any information from the DDS and as such the claimant has a chance to make their case all you need is to make sure your medical file is updated with records from the past 60-90 days before the hearing.