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How to File For a Workers Compensation Claim

How to File For a Workers Compensation Claim

Have you been injured in the workplace? I suppose your boss thinks it is YOUR fault that the floor was sopping wet without a sign to warn you about walking over it. You are going to need some help with this case. Document your experience appropriately and start looking for some representation. Do not worry; help is on the way. This is all you have to do…

Something you should know is the specific workers compensation insurance law in your state. For example, North Carolina has a law that any business that has more than three employees has to have worker’s compensation insurance. The business is covered by law to protect you in these unfortunate situations. So do not be so nervous about filing your claim.

Workers’ Compensation may end up being your only answer for income after an injury. Just make sure you cover your basis and in a timely manner. If you are going to file for help you need to do so with a written notice. You should file your hand written notice within 30 days of the accident. There is a limit of up to two years to file for a claim.

Keep some records of what you have had to go through since your accident. Things like documenting the mileage you have spent going to and from the doctor, copies of your prescription receipts, and written doctor notes for missed days of work are all important. It is very important that your keep your appointments to see the doctor or therapist. Your benefit rights can be completely cut off just by you not attending your appointments.

Stay on top of things when filing a claim. It is important to cover all your bases so that you are getting taken care of fairly. Keep records of everything and take the extra step to help your case.