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Hiring the Right Attorney – A Few Tips

Hiring the Right Attorney – A Few Tips

While it is true that it is relatively easy to find an attorney, the real challenge lies in finding the right attorney. The marketplace is flooded with advertising for attorneys’ services, but how can you be sure that you have found the right attorney for you and your specific case? If you do not employ proper due diligence, you could easily find yourself partnered with an inexperienced, or even worse unscrupulous, attorney. The consequences of hiring the wrong attorney can be catastrophic, in that losing your case can often mean large financial losses or even a jail sentence.

All attorneys are not alike. Think about the details of your exact situation, and develop search criteria based upon them. Ask a lot of questions before retaining the services of a particular attorney. Find out precisely what credentials they hold, and if they are current and in good standing. Investigate further with the Better Business Bureau and Licensing Board to ascertain whether or not there are any complaints against a particular attorney. Know who you are hiring before you make a financial commitment.

Once you have retained an attorney, be sure to communicate clearly with him and/or her. Be sure you understand what your financial commitments will be on an ongoing basis. Discuss your case and any updates on a regular basis, in order to remain apprised of the status of your case and any action(s) that should be taken and when. Have the attorney explain the timeline of your case, and what milestones to which attention must be paid.