Getting Injured on the Job – Portland, OR

If you suffer an injury at work, you should tell your employer immediately. You will, of course, be in excruciating pain depending on the damage, but you must make sure they are aware of this injury. When you are communicating with your supervisor or the owner, make sure you explain everything clearly. Specific damages at the workplace are not covered in the state of Oregon, so you want to make sure your injury qualifies for workers compensation. Do not let your employer sway you from seeing your physician and getting your injuries checked right away. After you have visited the doctor, the next stop should be to an attorney’s office for further instructions. It is not advised to represent yourself in court, and this is why lawyers are highly sought after. If you were recently injured at work in Portland, OR, you might want to figure out how to attain workers compensation Portland.

Getting an Attorney

Workers compensation law is difficult to understand and can be interpreted in many different ways. An attorney will help you navigate this terrain accurately to ensure you are eligible for workers compensation. Instead of representing yourself and figuring out how to file a claim on your own, leave this information to a professional. If you make any personal errors while filling out any paperwork, this process could potentially be delayed indefinitely. Since workers compensation lawyers are trained in this area, filling out this paperwork is a simple routine for them. They will assist you when you go before the OCB, and you should be able to receive your settlement with little issue. At this time, make sure you do not listen to your employer’s instructions. It is in the employer’s interest to ensure that they do not have to pay a settlement, so look to your attorney.