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Choosing the Right Day Care Facility

Choosing the Right Day Care Facility

Modern dual-income families may find themselves having to place their child in a day care facility while both parents work full-time jobs to support the household. With so many options available in large and mid-sized cities, it may feel like a daunting task to choose the right place for your precious child. It is important to understand that though a day care may seem credible on the surface, issues of neglect and/or abuse may still be present. Parents must evaluate each center with a vigilant eye and make sure to gather as much information as possible before enrolling their child in a certain program.

Abuse and neglect are unfortunate realities in the day care industry. Because children are so young and vulnerable, adults may take advantage of their helplessness and punish too harshly or simply ignore the child and not provide him or her with a reasonable standard of care. If you believe that your child has been abused in his or her day care facility, it is imperative to speak with an attorney right away to potentially pursue legal action against the organization.

When making a day care decision, the following steps should be taken by parents:

Ask for references or the contact information of other parents who have enrolled their children.

Ask if the center is licensed. If so, with what agency?

Inquire as to the employee turnover rate and the teacher/child ratio. A high turnover rate or grossly unequal ratio may indicate problems.

Request curriculum materials and review the educational information your child will receive.

Ask to observe the center in action before enrolling your child.

Observe the other children. Do they seem happy and engaged?

Observe the staff members. Do they seem to treat the children with respect?

Parents should never enroll their child in a program that seems unprofessional or unseemly in any way. The best defense for parents is using their own instincts to determine if a facility is right for their child. If you are feeling anxious or uncertain about a place, keep looking.

Unfortunately, even with the best preparation, abuse or neglect may still occur in a day care facility. When this happens, parents have a right to bring the center to court for potential financial compensation to help pay for any injuries or damages your child might have sustained as a result of the day care staff’s dangerous behavior.