Looking To Relocate? Consider A Move To Beautiful Naples

When considering a move, many have discovered that the Naples, Florida area is as close to paradise as they can imagine. With almost perfect weather, white sandy beaches and a myriad of outdoor sports and activities that can be enjoyed all year long, plenty feel as if they’ve truly found heaven on earth. When learning more about this area and deciding where to settle, many have found that the Pelican Marsh Naples FL community has everything they could hope for and more. This huge community encompasses over 2,000 acres, with close to 150 acres set aside as a natural preserve, ensuring a peaceful and relaxing environment for all who choose to reside here. From single-family homes to villas and high-rises, there is a housing type that fits the bill for everyone. Add to that a bustling community center, tennis courts and private golf course and there is something for everyone who desires fun or activity.

No matter which of the gorgeous housing developments in the Naples area is chosen, one can rest assured that is will be convenient to great dining, shopping, and cultural events. Due to the close proximity to the coast, waterfront dining is popular and readily available with many excellent restaurants to choose from. Depending on desire, Naples has a vast array of shopping to meet the needs of all its residents. Of course, some of the big box discount stores are only a short distance away, but for those who prefer an upscale shopping experience, there are many shops to choose from. Some even offering valet parking and concierge services for all the shopper’s needs.

Of course, there are always a few that will complain about the heat in Florida. There is no doubt that the comfortable and easy winters in Naples will win most over, hands down. The summer months of June, July and August can be hot, but manageable once one knows the secret. Make plans for outdoor activities in the early morning or later evening hours when the temperature is more mild. During the hottest part of the day, air conditioned activities will help to beat the heat. As far as most are concerned, working around the few hot months in South Florida is a small price to pay for living in paradise.